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UPDATE 13.10.2020 SFX Actros MP4 1842 / Ford F Max / Renault Premium DXi460 / MAN TGX V8 / MAN TGX 460e6 Updated to 1.38.All other sound packages only work on 1.36. We are working on updating all sounds.Sorry for the inconvenience

UPDATE 17.10.2020 SFX Actros MP4 1842 / Ford F Max / Renault Premium DXi460 / MAN TGX V8 / MAN TGX 460e6 Updated to 1.39

19.02,2021 Due to the heavy workload there was a pause in the release of updates and new sound packages. Work on sounds continues and did not stop, very soon we will present new great sound content! We apologize for the long pause and inconvenience

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