As of may 10, 2019, mandatory registration has been introduced on this website.Registered users will be able to see their orders and receive updates in your account.
Non-registered users will receive updates via email as before
1 manual
1. Get to the menu “My account”. In this menu you will find your account. Moreover here will be your orders and updates.
2. Click “Don’t have an account?”
 3 manual
3. Here you need to enter your personal information. I think you will not have any difficulties here
After this, click “Register”.This message will appear. But this is not the end, chek your mail/spam folder and try to be sure that you have activated your account.
4 manual 2
5 manual 2
Now everything is ok :)
In the tab “Basic” you can always download all updates
How to pay with Liqpay?
LiqPay is a payment system that accepts all Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any Bank in the world.
Open system-only a mobile phone is needed to register and log in;
High security - a unique dynamic password is generated every time you log in;
Globality - no restrictions by country, mobile operator or banking institution;
After selecting this payment method, the program will take you to the system page. Fill in the proposed fields with the details of your plastic card:
The card number is 16 digits on the front of Your payment card;
Validity - you can see under the card number;
CVV2 / CVC2 is the code on the back of the payment card, which is printed under the magnetic tape and consists of 3 digits. Visa calls it CVV2 and MasterCard calls it CVC2.
liqpay faq 2
After specifying all the data, click "Confirm"and the"Phone" field will appear on the screen. Enter your number to which you will be sent a payment confirmation code. In the "Password" field, enter the received code and click "Pay"
Thus the order will be paid. The time of payment through a payment card "PrivatBank"-a few minutes, the card of another Bank - up to 40 minutes.
If you have difficulties at any stage of work with the site, You can contact the customer service Center through a special form.
We are always happy to help you.
For people who have problems with payment,we recommend using VISA Prepaid cards,you do not need passport documents to receive it, such cards are essentially gift certificates.This method is one of the easiest and most effective
This error only occurs in the Chrome browser.Please use other Internet browsers to download sound after purchase and future updates
Updates often fall into the "Advertising" and "Spam" folders
This is a big problem for me, many people do not open these emails and do not use updates.This applies to people who bought sounds without logging in
 If you do not receive the email after purchase
1.You can download the purchased sound in your account on the website in the " Basic"
2.Check your spam folder, sometimes the letter gets there
3.Immediately email me and specify the order number 
Please write only to my e-mail via the form on the website or:
Language Changing of the Liqpay
In the search bar of your browser, change " uk " to " en " as shown in the illustration
 Visa and Mastercard cards are supported
                                                                                                                                                       *Other payment systems such as PayPal will be added in the future

Sounds will be updated free?

All sound updates and re-records will always be free

What does 4CH?

4CH is a sound scheme introduced by the developers of Scs software in 2013, it allows you to make the sound of the engine as realistic and detailed through the use of four tracks

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