About us

Engine Voice Records is a young record company founded by musician-arranger Vasily Hawrylechko in 2012

Vasily Hawrylechko is a fan and truck lover, recording and sounding of trucks gives him great pleasure, the main task of Engine Voice Records is to record for you as realistic and natural sounds of trucks and other vehicles as possible.Vasily as always besides excellent sounds of the engine gives the big attention to different small, but very important sounds of the truck, it is a pneumatics, a gearbox, various small sounds of switches, signals and many other things.All sounds are recording  by the top sound equipment.

Stay with us, there is a lot of interesting and amazing things to be done in front of you ;)

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Our advantages

  • Breathtaking realism
  • High-quality audio material, you can hear the smallest details
  • Sound is recorded with most modern equipment of 8 channels 192 kHz 24 bit
  • We'll record everything you say, from helicopters to animals
  • Studio voice dubbing recording for games and movies
  • All our sounds are made with soul :)

Our clients

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